About Lezdom

Welcome ladies (?) and gentlemen to my cozy little site dedicated to crazy lezdom stories with sexy young lesbians…

I created this site because I love femdom, bdsm and other kinky stuff. Don’t ask me about particular reasons why it is like that…It just is…

So what we have here…This site is dedicated to lezdom, and to be more specific – to young girls being humiliated and dominated by – other sexy young girls. Of course, in BDSM world you may have lots of fantasies, roleplays, scenarios etc. But on this site – you will find only young girls dominated by the other girls…And before creating this site, I’ve been actually thinking what would be the best scenario and scenery to properly πŸ™‚ present BDSM lezdom fantasies that turn me on.Β  Sorority hazing it is just perfect for what I like.

Basically it is all about sexy young girls, that become college or university girls. This time for many of them could be hard, as they are away of their previous life and are bound to explore new. New friends, new roles in life… everything new. These newcomer girls want to be a part of something bigger, and sororoty is the first thing that they may be part of…But what IF in said sorority there will be noone else than just mean & sexy girls ? Well – it will all end with sorority hazing, thats for sure…

And the another one thing guys: This site is A FANTASY site. It means that – like most of the porn you may see online it is scripted, these are fantasies thatΒ  AND NOT REAL. it just seems to be real, as this is what turns you on πŸ™‚ Well, porn, you know…So nobody got hurt while making these videos that you may see on my site and it was all consent of adult (and sexy !) young girls that agreed to participate in these vidz. For fun and money, thats all.

Have fun browsing my site and enjoy it…Porn is made to be fun, and not to be abused !

Also, if you liked what you see here – well then dont hesistate to check out HAZE HER , probably the best young lezdom (fantasy) site online ever made πŸ™‚ You will for sure enjoy it ! Use it wisely and with caution as its so fun and pleasant that is addictive πŸ˜‰

Have fun boys and girls !